Progetti Implementati

2021-2022 - CFOutlook - Proprietary Software development. A full application in Excel potentially linkable to every ERP for the full evaluation of Financial solidity, Cash Flow Forecast and Business Plan. Specifically developed for small and medium Italian Companies.

2016-2019 - Bcube SpA – New ERP/Accounting system implementation (SAP HANA).Project length 2-3 years: implementation of the new Accounting/Reporting system  substituting previous JDE. based on SAP HANA platform.

2016 - Eaton Srl – WW Pricing Model implementation (Excel) Project length 1 year: standardization and implementation of the new WW model in Excel for Quotations (Production Costs Estimation, Investments, Pricing and Margin evaluation). The model has been customized and adopted WW in the Company for this type of evaluations. It represent a good tool for this type of analysis and can be easily customized for other environments.

2013 - Eaton Srl – EMEA VT web-based Price workflow. Project length 1 years: implementation of the EMEA authorization  workflow regarding Part Pricing. Initially “pushed” by a SOX requirement it became the only database available for reference Unit Prices. Entirely made with internal IT sources it’s probably still in usage in the company without major changes.

2010 - Eaton Srl – WW Unit Price & Unit cost database. Project lenght 2 years: implementation of the first WW database & reporting regarding Unit Prices and Unit Costs. The Company had no such a database and the development has been pursued initially with a Database in Excel working in coordination with US and WW teams. In a second phase the project logics have been transferred into a shared IT WW platform. For years this has been the only source of data for Sales, Pricing and Margins reporting. Reporting “logics” still in use nowadays in the Company.

2007 - Hamilton Sundstrand – E-banking  (intesa Sanpaolo).Project length 4 months: implementation of the new E-banking system in coordination with ICT and external consultants. 

2007 - Automated Reporting implementation. Project length 5 months: implementation of the new Reporting in Excel derived from the automated download of ERP-Accounting systems

2004 - Eaton Srl – System customization and automated reporting implementation (Oracle-Khalix-ENCORE). Project length 1.5 years: implementation of the newReporting in Excel derived from the automated download of ERP-Accounting systems (Oracle-Khalix). 

2002 - Eaton Srl – New ERP system implementation(Oracle)Project lenght 2 years: implementation of the new ERP substituting the previous local system. Coordination of EMEA plants with external consultants and teams from US HQ.